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Terms and Conditions

The following terms of sale and delivery apply to all deliveries from Postershop.dk

The terms apply in cases where no other written agreements have been   entered into between you as a buyer and postershop.dk

Documentation and guidance: If product descriptions and user manuals are available for the item, these are included with the delivery from postershop.dk

If you would like further information or advice from postershop.dk, this is of an indicative nature. postershop.dk shall be required to comply with the requirements of the CE marking. Delivery time and transport Delivery of goods from postershop.dk shall be deemed to have taken place once the goods have been supplied to the consumer. The shipment of goods is done with GLS.

All prices at postershop.dk – at the web address http://postershop.dk – include 25% VAT.
 Prices are in Danish kroner, where nothing else is mentioned. Prices are daily rates and can be changed without further notice.
Daily prices as of 1 September 2019 are as follows for all posters until otherwise informed:
Size:13 x 18 cm / from DKK39.-

Size:21 x 30   cm / from DKK69.-

Size:30 x 40   cm / from DKK109,-

Size:40 x 50   cm / from DKK129,-

Size:50 x 70   cm / from DKK179,-

Size:70 x 100   cm / from DKK249,-

Reservations are made for any errors in prices, typos, etc. If a product is sold where an incorrect price has been entered in error, postershop.dk have every right to deny that the order goes through, as this will be due to an entry error.

Customer service

All inquiries to postershop.dk must be made by email at [email protected], which we answer within 24 hours of everyday life.

When delivering your item(s), your package is delivered to a parcel shop near you.
Delivery time in Denmark is 2-5 business days from the time of delivery of the order on postershop.dk. 
However, not in the case   of ordered goods or special orders. Here this can take 1-3 extra working days.
However, when selling, the life time may be longer due to possible busyness.

If the customer does not pick up their parcels from the parcel shop within 10 days, the package will be retuned to us. We charge 69,-, to cover the double shipping costs, as well as the cost of finding the item and unpacking it.

The risk to the goods

The risk of goods purchased by postershop.dk passes to you as a consumer at the time of delivery.


Defects or defects
Any defects or defects in delivery from postershop.dk must be invoked in a reasonable time after you have discovered the error – but within 3 business days. It is your duty to indicate and, on request, show how the error or defect is expressed. If you notice an error, please contact postershop.dk quickly – but within 3 business days. This must be done in writing by sending an email on the [email protected] with pictures of the error as well as a thorough description of your order number as well as your name and a contact number.


As a customer of postershop.dk, you have 60 days right of return.

Upon return, you must purchase a parcel label yourself in a parcel shop when you return your package.

If you wish to return a purchase from postershop.dk, you must return your order to us without undue delay and within 60 days of receipt. You are obliged to return the item in substantially the same condition and quantity as it is received. You must bear the costs of returning the item to postershop.dk. You bear the risk of Postershop receiving your returns in good condition. In case of any defects and impairments upon receipt of your returned goods, postershop.dk may set off any loss. Posters with   cracks and stutters are impairment and this the customer’s returned purchase is offset.

Can I trade my item?
We don’t handle exchange. If you want to exchange your item/goods, it works through our return system. You can return your item within 30 days, after which you can order a new item as usual.


Goods except the right of withdrawal

All so-called personilized   orders, such as birth posters or posters, orders in which a unique setup, such as a name or similar, are not returned.
The same applies to the following:   Fabrics and goods specially measured according to personal goals, the thesis made posters made according to individual needs.

At postershop.dk you can order your goods online and pay with Dankort, Visa Card, Eurokort, Master Card, JCB card, Visa Elektron.
The amount will not be withdrawn on your card until the goods are sent from postershop.dk’s warehouse.

NB: We do not accept consumer association cards.

Refund of the purchase amount
In the event that you cancel a purchase on postershop.dk,   you will be refunded the purchase amount paid to us. This only happens when we have received your sent goods back and this has been reviewed for any defects or impairments. Withdrawals must also be made in writing within 14 days of the time of purchase.
If there is an impairment when your purchase is returned to postershop.dk for which you are liable, this purchase amount is deducted, according to the View check box. our terms and conditions.

Return of items – Address
When returning a purchase, please send us an email on [email protected], with your order information. Once customer service has processed your email, we’ll send you a package label.

The package must be clearly marked “return” and a copy of the purchase invoice must be attached.

You are the one who will be responsible for the shipping costs of a return.

Upon return, return your package in a GLS parcel shop

It costs DKK 49 in freight to return a package. This amount will be deducted when we refund your payment.

REMEMBER: we do not receive parcels without delivery or packages sent per C.O.D.

It happens that an item may well have hidden defects or defects in the purchase, which may not appear until later. If this is the case, you, as a customer of postershop.dk, can make use of your 2 years of warranty according to the the rules of the Danish Sale of Goods Act on 24 months’ warranty. However, it should be stressed that the right of complaint does not cover when defects, injuries or wear and tear occur due to improper use, lack of maintenance or general wear. The defect must have been present at the time of purchase and must in no way be due to mistreatment or other serious handling of the purchase after the time of purchase.

Choice of law and jurisdiction
Purchases made from postershop.dk are made in accordance with Danish law. For any disputes and legal disputes, Danish law applies.

Personal data policy
Any information you provide as a customer on postershop.dk is in no way disclosed or sold to third parties.
As registered with postershop.dk, you always have the right to access what information is registered about you.
You have these rights under the Personal Data Act and inquiries in connection with questions related to this can be directed to Bobby Elahi by email at [email protected]

At postershop.dk, we use cookies for the purpose of optimizing postershop.dk and the functionalities used by the webshop. 
In this way, we can make our customers’ visits easier and better.
postershop.dk use cookies to keep better demographic and user-related statistics. postershop.dk collect information about when and how long our customers visit our webshop, which and how many   pages and products the customer visits, whether the customer’s computer has visited us before, what browser and operating system the customer uses, IP numbers, what ads the customer sees, etc. In this way, postershop.dk ensure that the customer not only sees the same banner ads constantly, and at the same time strives for customers to see advertisements that may find interest in the customer.

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