Per Krohg was a Norwegian painter and draftsman. As a very young man he was a student of his father, the painter Christian Krohg, and later of the French painter Henri Matisse from 1909 to 1910. In his young years he worked as a magazine illustrator and was also a recognized tango dancer and introduced in 1913 the new dance in Norway. Per Krohg was influenced by the art currents in Paris, and cubism in particular became important in his artistic development. He decorated several public buildings with large frescoes, including the Security Council’s hall in the UN building in New York.

In April 1918, he exhibited his latest works at Dansk Kunsthandel in Vingaardsstræde by Nikolaj Plads in Copenhagen and drew the exhibition poster. That it was a modern artist who shared the waters with his Cubist-inspired and modernist paintings is also evident from the mention of the exhibition in the weekly magazine Vore Herrer from 2 May 1918:

As usual, Per Krohg’s Exhibition was extremely interesting. The young Norwegian painter, who has always gone his own way, still walks happily forward – with his head under his arm – spiritually speaking, of course – without caring what he or she means. Per Krohg is Per Krohg and nothing else. And all the while he is walking, he grabs the bag and throws it to us – in the blind – because he walks with his head under his arm – the most beautiful flowers and the strangest, throws them all to us who stand by the roadside and see him walk by. He flings, some get a rose, others a Skarntyde. It’s all random, because the Man can not see. That’s how Per Krohg is.


Posters by PER KROHG

Per Krohg Danish Exhibition (1918)
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