(B. 1919)

Lis Jans (f. Engelbrecthsen) was born on 18 June 1919 in Dragør, where she grew up and attended Dragør Borger- og Realskole. Her mother knew silversmith Ingeborg Mølsted, who taught at the Drawing and Art Industry School for Women. She suggested that young Lis take an education there, and when she graduated in 1938, she was employed by the advertising company Weilskow og Co., located at 103 Gothersgade.

Here, as early as 1939, she began working on the Amager poster. She was familiar with the motifs from Amager, so she just drew them out of her head. She later said: “I knew Amager”, but she used a card for reasons of size.

After the outbreak of World War II, at Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939, there was not much to do in the advertising industry, and in the early 1940s Lis Jans was dismissed. But even though she had resigned, she was allowed to join Weilskow & Co. and continue working on the Amager poster.

However, it did not manage to be published before the German Occupation of Denmark (1940-45), but was not printed until 1948. Vestamager had meanwhile been dammed in the early 40s, and this area was therefore only indicated by the dotted line on the poster.

In 1939, Lis Jans became engaged to Svend Jans, and they married the following year. He was a member of Dragør Tourist Association, and later became chairman. So that must have been the inspiration for the poster. Together they ran from 1952-1967 a company that produced quality children’s clothing and had its own sewing room with 7-8 ladies employed.

Lis Jans prepared several draft posters, but the fine poster for Amager was the only one of her works that was printed.



AMAGER (1948)
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